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Did you know that you can get free money?
Based on the typical activity of 10x Pick-up Truck (Medium Duty) and 3x Cargo Van (Medium Duty), you can net an extra $180k per year.
Fuel Savings
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits
Green House Gas Emissions Saved
522 Tons
Some fleet owners and operators don’t know that...
There are many grants and incentives available to you.
You have an increasingly vast amount of vehicle and charger options to choose from.
PG&E covers most of the infrastructure costs and may additionally cover your charger costs.
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“PG&E helped us be more efficient, more sustainable, and without a lot of expense. My experience has been nothing short of awesome.”
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“We hope this work will become an operating model for all of our facilities across the U.S., and that we act as the catalyst to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel vehicles across the industry.”
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Shuttle Bus
“The incentives, resources and planning assistance available through PG&E’s EV Fleet program made it much easier, more cost-effective, and quicker for Genentech to scale up its deployment of electric shuttle buses.”
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Learn how you can start saving money and the planet.