PG&E's EV Fleet Electrification Planning
Installing charging infrastructure is easy and cost-effective with a little help from PG&E's EV Fleet Program.
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Check Your Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

  You are a PG&E electric customer
  You own or lease your property
  You plan to operate at least 2 medium or heavy-duty electric vehicles
For consumer light-duty EVs, go to

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Vehicles & Duty Cycle

Tell us about the type of vehicles that make up your EV fleet, and how many there are of each.
Estimate miles traveled per vehicle on a typical workday.
Select days of operation.

Charging & Fuel

Define the hours you can charge and the charging equipment.
Select whether your electricity is sourced from the grid or is 100% clean.
For comparison purposes, set the price you pay for fuel.

Business EV Rate

Double-check that charging can be minimized from 4pm to 9pm to avoid high energy charges.
Calculate the expected demand, and subscribe to the corresponding number of blocks.

Check the Fuel Calculator

See how much you could save by going electric.

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Let Us Be Your Guide

Through PG&E’s EV Fleet program, we help you understand and navigate the process for electrifying your fleet. We provide substantial financial, logistical, and construction support for going electric.
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